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Embrace the Heartache

Life is a series of ebbs and flows. Without rain, there'd be no sunshine. Sometimes, we are faced with difficult decisions or face major setbacks. Even in the obstacles you're tackling, there's something to be gained.

My friend recently found himself falling for a friend of his. He began treating her differently and they were hanging out more, just the 2 of them. He couldn't get her off his mind, but he needed to know if she felt the same. While he had a disappointing presumption that she would like to remain just friends, he needed to boldly take a step and ask where they stood. This meant veering into uncharted and uncomfortable waters.

He could see where this girl fit into his world and his future. He has a demanding and fulfilling career and never expected to fall for a friend. He could see the possibility of happily ever after, but acknowledged that it would take time to get there. I agreed, telling him to enjoy the moment, don't rush things, and take things at face value. As long as the both of them were honest and communicated with each other, I figured that he's learn if this was something to pursue or leave alone.

A few weeks passed and the texts between them became less frequent, they both became bogged down with work, making outings hard to plan. He began to think the girl he was so fond of was indeed, just a friend. He was ready to close up his heart forever and walk away from love if he turned out to be correct. Over the years, he has grown tired of meeting the fake girls, the users, the gold diggers, and all in between. His heart has grown tired of being beaten up by people who said they didn't want to hurt him, but never took his feelings into account. He could no longer stay in the safe zone, it was time for something new.

He had a feeling that her answer would be disappointing and wouldn't yield the response he wished for, but he had to take the leap and ask, "Where do we stand?"

And while his presumptions were correct and his heart was a bit bruised, he began to see things in a different way. He realized that just like in business, you don't stop pushing forward because there's an obstacle in your way. You figure out how to deal with the situation using the facts presented to you and you move on from there.

He saw the take away lessons and recognized the strength he's gained during this crazy journey of love and life. Here's 2 things he took away:

1. He realized that he enjoyed the open conversation between them, the honesty, and the encouragement.

2. He enjoyed showing someone how much he appreciated them and decided that next time, he'd want to see more reciprocity.

Both parties needed to initiate conversations and activities.

We all experience setbacks, but it cannot stop us in our tracks.

You are stronger than your fears and setbacks. Every day you live, you develop and harness tools to improve, harness your skills, & move closer to your goals.

Even if you can see the oncoming bad news, going through the upsetting moment will help you grow. You may see new things in yourself that you've never seen before. You can make it through and come out stronger than you were before. You may even think of the perfect answer because you are forced to see it in a new way. And, not everything we want is meant to be ours. Sometimes the thing we want can be harmful of keeping us from moving forward. Whatever it is that may stand in your way, get the hard facts & don't let it stop you! #KEEPPUSHING

Diamonds are made under pressure , and babydoll, you were meant to shine!



“A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.”― Albert Einstein


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