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NOW is the Time!!!!

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

It's time to knock those things you've been putting off, off your To-Do List!


Summer is in full swing and my To-Do List is getting longer and longer. I can be quite good at procrastinating and putting things off, but they always linger in my mind. I wake up and go to sleep thinking about what it is on my To-Do List. It eats at me and I begin to feel disappointed in myself for not getting it done. This is a process I know all too well.

Since it is a new month, and I have grown tired of feeling disappointed in myself, I have decided to make a change. I began my lifestyle change during the #21DayChallenge and while everyday wasn't a stunning success, I did make great strides. I began to find strategies that helped me knock out things on my list. During the month of July, I am going to share some of these strategies with you!

So don't worry, we can work through our To-Do Lists together!

Whatever is is that has been on your to do list for too long, now is the time to knock it off your list! Hopefully, you've got some more time in your schedule these days to take advantage of the warm weather and the sunshine. Now is the time to do all the things you've been putting off.....

......take that road trip

......make more time for friends

......start that garden

......organize and sort seasonal clothes

......deep clean the house

......clean out the closet

​.......try something new

***Whatever you decide to do, make sure that every night, you are proud and give yourself credit for the things you've accomplished!!!***

Good Luck & have fun celebrating!


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