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Whatever It Takes

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

When you play on a major league team, you constantly have to prove your worth. You must constantly work to prove why you deserve this opportunity on such a large stage, & no one wants to be labeled as a weak link or replaceable. Many of those who truly excel (Tom Brady, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson to name a few) have a passion to play and improve their game. They even take their game to another level as they seek out new ways to improve. They are on a quest to become the best. These greats push their limits by incorporating every aspect of their lives to become the best they can be. It was reported that Aaron Rodgers consulted an astronaut to improve his hail Mary passes. LeBron James changed his eating and practicing habits to lead Cleveland to their NBA victory.

What are you willing to do to #beyourbest?

Just imagine what you could do at your best. Makes you smile, right? Your goals are just waiting to be accomplished. Who do you need to consult to start or improve your success? Asking for help or changing your strategy may be the key.

Looking at something differently and changing your mode of operation isn't a deterrent, it's quite the opposite. It's a jump-off point, The beginning of something new! You don't grow by staying safe and not trying new things. All of my goals terrify me & make me push myself, but I have to believe that on the other side of my fears, my dream life awaits. We live in a world where anything is possible and we are amazing creatures who can do great things.

My next moves are both simple, & difficult:

*look at whats working & what isn't

*look at it in a new way (ask opinions, brainstorm ideas, etc)

* try new things!

Change your perspective and do whatever it takes to attain your dream life!


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