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Why I'm Excited for Fall

Maybe it's the change in season, the chill in the air, the leaves beginning to fall, pumpkin patches, or apple cider that's got me so excited for Fall this October. It could also be the fact that maybe I just need a change somewhere after being inside for 6 months, battling with the new way of life. I'm determined to stay positive and make the best of this new situation where I'm changing so much in my life. I'm building a new doula business called Let's Doula This! and am a new stay at home mom. My life is a bit different than it was a year ago, and I'm thankful for that, it shows progress I suppose. Although, I guess I thought there'd be more security and more socializing in my future.

Well, anyway, I've decided to focus on the happiness of this moment. For example, I'm able to watch my child grow up each day, while pursuing a career I feel called to do. I'm able to take walks, which I never had the time to do before. I'm navigating a worldwide change and true life shift, and we're still here in one piece. Some days, that's all that matters. This moment has taught me to more make memories and enjoy my life despite some pitfalls. So, this fall I encourage you to find moments of happiness and peace for yourself. You can find some inspiration in my list below. Fell free to share your #lovefall list and continue to add to it!

Things I love about fall:

  1. Apple cider

  2. Pumpkin patches

  3. Halloween

  4. Fall festivals

  5. BOOTS!!!

  6. Chili

  7. Jack-o-lanterns

  8. Fall smells

  9. Leaves falling

  10. Chill in the air

  11. Fall fashion

  12. Closer to upcoming holidays with family (which may look a bit different this year, but we'll get there when we get there).

These are just a few of my favorite fall things, I'm sure the list will grow as the season continues. I'm challenging myself to find fun this season and I challenge you to do the same. What are some of your favorite things you're looking forward to this season? Let's keep track of our favorites and see if we can add a few more memories to the list. #lovefall

Wishing you love, happiness, & warmth!

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